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Realtor Websites Only $99. One Time. No Monthly Fees.

With our 30 day money back guarantee you can get started with confidence.

Only $99. One time. No monthly fees. No doubletalk or technical gobbledygook.

One low price provides everything a real estate agent needs to be successful with the internet.

MLS CoverageCoverage Areas

Over 240 associations & boards in
USA & Canada are now supported!

Responsive Websites Responsive Websites

Works with all devices including PCs, MACs, iPads, iPhones, Blackberrys, Androids & more!

Fully integrated MLS search (IDX)

Integration of MLS® Listings (IDX)

A sharp, professional, visually attractive website

A sharp, professional, visually attractive website

Real estate focused content – SEO ready

Real estate focused content - SEO ready

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Easy, do-it-all, control panel

Easy, do-it-all, control panel

Reliable 24/7 website hosting, forever.

Reliable 24/7 website hosting, forever.

WebsiteBox for real estate is the best value you can get - anytime or anywhere!

But don't take our word for it, see what the media has to say about us ...

Inman News

Inman News

Real estate startup will begin offering feature-rich real estate websites tomorrow for what it says is the lowest price on the market - a one-time, $99 payment ... The sites are also mobile-friendly. They incorporate responsive design, a type of Web design that senses the type of device a person uses to access a website and subsequently changes dynamically according the device's screen size. The design allows users to view a site on any device, including smartphones and tablets, without having to zoom in and out to view the site comfortably.

REALTORS® Magazine

REALTOR® Magazine

Unfortunately, most real estate professionals will end up paying a great deal more for an SEO-optimized, professional-looking site, even if they want a more DIY experience. And often they'll still have to pay for add-ons like hosting and support on a regular basis after laying out their chunk of change just to get started. WebsiteBox has stepped into the gap between these free sites and the more expensive options by offering options specifically for real estate professionals, brokers, and teams. For a one-time fee of $99.

Housing Wire

RE Technology

As one of the newest challengers in this increasingly crowded arena, WebsiteBox has differentiated themselves in a way that's hard to ignore--by appealing to agents' wallets. Their hook is powerful--for a one-time fee of $99, agents get a website, integrated IDX search, a CRM, hosting, and more--for life.

  1. Century 21
  3. REMAX
  5. ERA
  6. GMAC
  7. C3

It's really just too good to pass up - take the tour and sign up today!

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Client ReviewsSee More
  • The $99 one-time price was too good to be true at the beginning. I did the research and I studied and found out it is true. It's a one-time fee, it's $99 and gives me lots of features.

    Nina Kashefpour Toronto, ON

    Nina Kashefpour
  • WebsiteBox is known for having really good SEO, now they are going to be known for having a really great price point. I think people are going to be really surprised when they find out what they can get for $99.

    Michael Weaver Indianapolis, IN

    Michael Weaver
  • We have been through many websites over the years, but WebsiteBox has proven themselves to be far superior above the rest. Great content, great quality and exceptional customer service for $99, our search is over!

    Ifoma & Hazel Pierre Queens, NY

    Ifoma & Hazel Pierre
  • The support team will help you and make sure the job gets done. They really know what they are doing. I was so grateful for them because I am not techie. I am so happy about everything. For $99.00 forever, I feel like dancing! I still can't believe it!

    Cat Stevens Miramar Beach, FL

    Cat Stevens
  • I was thinking of investing a lot of money into a website and then I came across WebsiteBox. I am very tech savvy and I loved the fact that I am able to design the site and make it look the way I want. The best thing is that I no longer have to pay a monthly bill for my website.

    Guillermo Ley Miami, FL

    Guillermo Ley
  • Compared to all the other website providers, I can actually get everything I need for an unbeatable price. The IDX integration and customization was what drew me to WebsiteBox. I love the fact that I am able to build a clean and professional site with ease.

    Michael Hinderberger Newport Beach, CA

    Michael Hinderberger
  • I am extremely impressed by WebsiteBox. Every other comparable website provider is in the $600-$2000 range, not to mention the additional $30-$50 month for IDX hosting. There was a slight learning curve but after figuring out the technology I have spent more time looking for pictures ...

    Jeff Royle Orlando, FL

    Jeff Royle
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